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Artist acrylic paints are used on stretched, primed canvas. The finished painting is given two coats of a clear, water-based topcoat. This enhances and protects the painting. Most paintings range in size from 12" x 16" to 24" x 36". Commissions can be arranged for the size you wish.

Canvases are painted around the sides. Most paintings are sold unframed, leaving the cost of framing to the discretion of the buyer. Commissions can be framed if the buyer wishes it. Some people prefer to hang the painting without a frame, especially if it is quite large.

Jane grew up on a small farm near Sonningdale, Saskatchewan and now lives in  Eyebrow .

Jane Bueckert

Painting took a backseat during the years Jane worked as a receptionist in Saskatoon, and then while raising a young family. She resumed painting in earnest in about 2000, at which time her work was displayed at the Emerald Glass Gallery Art Show in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. More recently she has exhibited at Park Art, also in Moose Jaw, and at the Sun Dog Show in Saskatoon.

While her focus is on doing paintings on canvas suitable for framing, Jane has also done murals both indoors and out. Her largest painting is a historical mural of the village of Eyebrow, measuring 8' x 36'. The mural can be seen on the town Hall on Highway 42 going through Eyebrow.

Jane is a self taught artist who has trained herself to look for the details that make up the whole of her subject matter. Light and shadow play an important role in her paintings of nature and man's influence on it.

With her mom's encouragement, Jane began painting at the age of twelve. For many years this remained an enjoyable hobby, with paintings done for family members and friends. During her teens she won first place at the Biggar and District Art Show.

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